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Welcome to my hand-drawn map of the Ironlands in the style of Tolkien! Every line was drawn using a photo/paint editor. There is very little copy-paste and no map brushes were used! I have since made brushes from it and hope to make some variations of the map which could be used for different campaigns.

The PDF has two versions, with and without region labels, in case you don't want the text clutter! Both include a compass rose and scale in the bottom corners.

The PNG formatted color version (digital watercolor style) is designed for online use or print. It's edge to edge color, letter-sized (8,.5x11 inches) @ 300 dpi. There is a half-inch between the edge and the map labels so they shouldn't get cut off if your printer doesn't do edge-to-edge printing. I've left the region names off for a cleaner look.

Map based on and designed for the Ironsworn tabletop rpg by Shawn Tomkin, and is shared under the same license (Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license ).

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IronlandsHanddrawnMap.pdf 4 MB
IronlandsMapColor.png 11 MB

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Hi. Nice work. Thanks for providing this. I use this for a civ-like tabletop game. Is this done thru Wonderdraft?

Thank you, I actually, literally drew it by hand (digitally) using Affinity Photo. There are a few trees and hills that I copied and pasted tho. I have since created brushes from the various elements so I could do another map if I ever wanted, and do it faster that way. :)

Hi, this is lovely! Any chance of a high-res image file that can be used on a VTT or digital whiteboard, for online co-op play / streaming?

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Thank you! The PDF was saved at 300 dpi. You should be able to use your PDF reader to export the page you want at that resolution, which makes the file 2550 x 3300 resolution. I recommend using png format so that there's no compression artifacts. That should be suitable for your purposes, but I have no experience with VTTs.